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My decision to drop everything and go!

Its 11th April 2020 at the height of the global covid 19 epidemic. I'm here in the small town of Galle, Southern Sri Lanka on lockdown in my work villa.

As a former Royal Marines Commando I now work in private security specialising in anti piracy which in a nutshell means I am tasked to embark all types of commercial and privately owned sea going vessels from mammoth 400m container ships to Cruise ships and beohemouth super tankers to smaller luxury sailing boats usually in a small team tasked to protect the vessel, crew and cargo from any active pirate group attack/ hijack attemps within the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean or even the Persian Gulf. Exciting stuff!!!

As I am strictly a contractor I am lucky enough to be able to determine when I work, however, in 8years I have definitely been a workaholic, often working 10months of the year 24/7.

Now I have made the decision I need even more adventure (not that fighting pirates wasnt enough already) a different adventure approach including my two passions travel and motorcycles.

I have over much thought on the Yamaha Tenere

When I return to the UK, which will be after post Covid19 allows semi normality and more importantly borders reopen i plan to begin the adventure.

I am a very deep thinker so when it comes to changing my life and walking away from work and my financial feeder, I need to be sure as can be (become very logical/ spok like). But my mind is made and my excitement already building inside me thinking of every beautiful moment the future holds.

Its a tough time at the moment globally so between now and then I will prepare my bike, learn mechanical basics as I don't want to be stuck in more remote areas of the world, prepare correct documents and practise off road riding. The key I think is good preparation, especially in regards to long range adventure riding.

Enjoy my content on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook as I slowly build my presence.

Let's ride.

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