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Ep 2 Published - Ride My Tenere 700 Rally to the Commando Memorial

So Ep2 is out there, published. I truly deeply enjoyed this one, certainly came with challenges, mostly the national weather warning of excessive rain and wind, the two things all riders just love.....haha

So after a warm breakfast and a coffee in my home town, I set off around 9am on the 28.10.20. total days riding distance approx 300miles (483km), of course this was going to be a long old day.

Plan was to head North via Stirling & Perth, This route allowed me to see the Cairngorms National Park, simply spectacular and seems so wild, even the weather eased up a bit, like it was tempting me in.

On approach to Spean Bridge from the east I handrail Loch Laggan which was just such a calm place, even groups were kayaking, this Loch has beautiful beaches and is simply breathtaking.

I arrived into Spean Bridge later than expected (due to constantly stopping to admire various views) and as I wanted to enjoy the mountain view and film a little, it would have to wait until the next morning.

I managed to find a B&B close by only 1.5miles away from the Commando Monument at a relatively cheap price, the owner was former RAF so as I'm a former Royal Marines Commando "Neil" gave me a discount which was great.

Slept like a baby this night.

After breakfast and a bit of banter I rode to the Memorial once again. Light was great, it wasn't raining which meant I could fly the drone.

Being the 29.10.20 there were Royal Marine Veterans on location which was nice to chat and have a coffee.

The relevance of this was that the Royal Marines were established 28.10.1664 so this was a birthday as such.

After around an hour reflecting, showing respects and filming I decided to head back home, which would take all day as weather was progressively getting worse.

The route I chose was to head the 8miles to Fort William, the closest petrol station and head for Glencoe, a stunning mountain range in the western Scottish highlands.

The wind was harsh but once there I was able to get some lovely drone footage then set off towards and through Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park.

Onward towards Glasgow, Calisle and the black top all the way home.

The wind heading south through the lake districts was frankly dangerous and I was beaten by the inconsistent side winds occasionally being forced into the other lane, bad stuff.

But a great few days, Rogue and myself got back in one piece and with great memories.

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