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First impressions with 'Rogue Explorer 1week in.

It's been a week since I collected Rogue Explorer. As some of you may know I bought my 2020 Yamaha 700 Rally while working overseas.

I bought her having never test ridden or even seen a Tenere in real life, having only seen it online, I simply researched and decided to take the chance and bought it outright..

Finally after a few months landing in October 2020 I finally managed to get back to England, after an excited sleepless night I found myself standing outside the Yamaha dealership and there she was, in the doorway waiting for me.

First impressions, impressed!!! I was immediately pleasantly struck at her size, specifically her height, great for me as I stand at 6'1. She is a tall bike with the seat at 895mm and immediately my eyes were drawn to the stunning electric blue 16LT fuel tank that really sets her off and leading to the signature front end and spectacular quad lights. Yes! simply her appearance screams 'Adventure Bike'.

The leading reason I was initially drawn to this bike was I prefer less technology on my bike, all I wanted was a reliable, robust, easy to maintain, comfortable bike to take me around the world.

The reason I prefer less is throughout my past travels electrics switching from cold to wet, wet to humid, humid to tropical and tropical to hot can ultimately play havoc with electrics. My opinion is "Less is more".

Above all she comes relatively standard with a heavy duty 4mm thick skid plate, Acrapovic muffler setting a beautiful throaty sound, Rally seat for better movement while riding (its very comfortable), aluminium radiator cover, aluminium chain guard, off road hand grips and grip panels for more control and transition.

All these standard accessories are great though I requested a few extras, a centre stand (for ease during tyre changes and chain maintenance), front end engine guards and aluminium panniers.

With these extras I feel Rogue Explorer is now perfect and complete and ready for adventure.

One things for sure, I love this bike!

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