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Lockdown Life

So the inevitable covid part two has decided to get involved here in England apparently resulting in an evolved version of the virus seeing more cases and more aggressive symptoms which has effected the majority of the country seeing most areas labelled as Tier 4 risks, meaning almost everywhere is closed, however along with these super confusing inconsistent and varied government tier systems there is no issues with being able to throw on my gear and ride within my home base county of Lancashire.

I have spent almost all this time riding without filming for the channel, sometimes what you need is to just ride and enjoy for the vibe.

We are into 2021 and the cold has arrived generally icy mornings and evenings but usually a spot of sun around lunchtime, sometimes it's just enough to create relatively clear and rideable conditions.

I continue to learn about my bike maintenance and basic repair and plotting interesting places to see in preparation for my post covid Americas trip (gonna be epic).

Also, I replaced my 10year old Frank Thomas jacket for my new incredibly comfy Oxford (advanced rider series), this thing is awesome.

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