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Making my first video.

After almost a year abroad working, finally getting back to the UK to pick up "Rogue Explorer" my stunning new T700 Rally I spent the first week just enjoying the bike, absorbing the experience and understanding her, just generally getting used to her, I decided to have a crack at my first video.

It seemed natural to simply introduce my bike and give my personal thoughts on her as a rider/ owner and new enthusiast.

The night before I prepared my 2 x Go Pro 7's and my Mavic Mini Drone and come lunchtime the next day (23.10.20) lunchtime hit us with a beautiful post rain sun spell, lovely riding weather!

So kit on, Go Pros mounted I set off excited, though I really hadn't had previous experience with filming and especially not as the speaker. None the less I felt natural in speaking which took me a little by surprise.

Plan was to ride a little chatting as I go, then dismount for a walk around/ chat about the bike then a cinematic ride followed by a closing chat.

All in all a great first start, I'm mostly happy with the result, it gives me a clear understanding of things I did well and things to work on ie: even with a wind buffer and the microphone inside the helmet, riding visor open does create wind noise over the audio so at speed in future I will address this.

I know what I don't want is a super constructed acting style fake persona, I simply want to develop a great channel out of passion for the experience and my love for the ride whether I'm happy, sad or angry everything in my videos will remain natural.

All in all a great first start, video 2 is now in the pipeline and should see between 2 and 3 videos per week.

To see this video you can click on my social media link at the top of the home page.

Enjoy guys.

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